About e-JAZ

Sharon Wild winning the QUT Alumni 2003 Young Achiever Award

e-JAZ is a Brisbane based business specialising in niche internet based services aimed at increasing client's online sales and reducing the barriers to international trade faced by Australian and international businesses.

e-JAZ was founded by Andrew Wild and Sharon Wild (maiden name Sharon Gillett), small business e-commerce web site owners who specialise in developing products designed to increase e-commerce sales. Andrew and Sharon now lead the e-JAZ team.

Their first service was the JAZconvert currency conversion service which was developed when they identified that they and many other e-commerce businesses had placed a significant barrier to their sales by displaying only their local currency prices on their web sites. The problem was solved with JAZconvert currency conversion which then saw theirs and their clients web site sales skyrocket and continue to grow. This service was later replaced with Dynamic Converter utilizing the modern browser capabilities.

e-JAZ have been featured in several newspaper and media articles.

Andrew and Sharon have also provided many keynote speeches about entrepreneurship, e-business and internet marketing at a wide range of business seminars, workshops and conferences.

e-JAZ have been fortunate to win the following awards:

  • Sharon Wild was awarded the Highly Commended Award (Runner-up, Finalist) at the Smart Women Smart State Awards 2004 in the Women in Business Category

  • e-JAZ were finalists in the 2004 Telstra Small Business Awards in Queensland

  • Sharon Wild was a finalist in the 2004 Telstra Business Women's Awards in Queensland in the Young Business Women Category
  • Sharon Wild/Andrew Wild received a Highly Commended certificate in the myBusiness 2004 Awards

  • Sharon Gillett won the QUT Alumni 2003 Young Achiever Award
  • Sharon Gillett/Andrew Wild/e-JAZ received a Highly Commended certificate in the myBusiness 2003 Awards

  • Sharon Gillett/e-JAZ won the ilab & BGSB 'Top Entrepreneur of the Year' Award from QUT Entrepreneur in November 2002
  • e-JAZ were awarded a finalist position at the Asia Pacific ICT Awards in two categories, the eCommerce category and Startup category - November 2002

  • Sharon Gillett/e-JAZ won the 'Business Innovation' Unisys WIT Award for the JAZconvert currency conversion service- June 2002
  • Highly Commended award for the Queensland Government and Achaeus FIG (Financing IT&T Growth) program March 2002

  • e-JAZ won two Australian Micro Business Awards in the Queensland/Northern Territory division in two categories, the Internet Technology and Emerging Business categories - October 2002

Andrew Wild, B. IT (Dist), CDE

Sharon Wild and Andrew Wild

Andrew Wild, Managing Director of e-JAZ, has 9 years of Internet industry experience including building government intranets, university student portals, establishing and owning web site hosting companies and developing and managing Australia's largest meta search engine. Andrew used his years of business and technical experience to develop the JAZconvert currency conversion service and the JAZreturns advertising conversion tracker. Andrew can be contacted via e-mail at andrew@e-jaz.com.au.

Sharon Wild (formerly Sharon Gillett), B. Bus (Accy), B LLB (Hons), Solicitor, CDE

Sharon Wild, a finalist in the Telstra Business Women's Awards 2004

Sharon Wild, Strategy & Marketing Director of e-JAZ, has been involved in the e-commerce community for 6 years. She successfully manages Australia's largest online jewellery store, Gillett's Jewellers. Sharon has seen the jewellery store business increase its international Internet sales by over 1000% over the last 3 years, with this increase greatly due to the JAZconvert currency conversion service and JAZreturns.

e-JAZ's management of the Gillett's Jewellers e-commerce business have assisted Gillett's Jewellers to be awarded :

  • Queensland Business Achievers E-commerce Award 2002
  • The RAQ Best Technology Initiative Award 2001
  • Top 10 finalist in the Australian Channel 9 Small Business Show Brother web site awards from 650 entrants.

Sharon Wild winning Business Innovation WIT Award

Sharon is now sharing her e-commerce experience though her monthly e-business column in the Queensland Business Review newspaper.

Sharon is a previous past President of the Queensland Electronic Business Interest Group (eBIG). eBIG was an independent non-profit organisation which aimed to increase the awareness and use of e-business within the business community. eBIG held a range of seminars and workshops covering a wide range of e-business issues. eBIG focussed on the practical e-business needs of small and medium businesses and had many members including small and medium business, e-business vendors and industry and government organisations. eBIG was supported by the Brisbane City Council, Queensland Department of State Development and Australian Institute of Management.

Sharon is also a former director on the board of Civic Solutions (formerly called the Mt Gravatt Training Centre). Sharon was a director for 3 years. Civic Solutions is a non-for-profit organisation that helps to find employment for the unemployed and provides training courses and related services to unemployed and employed persons looking to develop their business skills. Civic Solutions operates from 5 locations between Brisbane and the Gold Coast and employees 50 staff.

Sharon can be contacted via e-mail at sharon@e-jaz.com.au