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Sharon Wild writes ecommerce articles for Qld Business Review, she is also Strategy & Marketing Director of e-JAZ.com.au

Sharon Wild
Strategy & Marketing Director of e-JAZ, Sharon has been involved in the e-commerce community for several years. She successfully manages Australia's largest online jewellery store, Gillett's Jewellers.

Sharon can be contacted via email on sharon@e-jaz.com.au


"Content Is Still The Solution - How to attract sales using better information content" - Discover why content is still king with this article that discusses how you can create targeted information content pages on your website to demonstrate your industry expertise, build credibility through your website and increase your sales.

"Your Site's Wish List - How to create a website wish list - Website improvement advice" - Read this advice about creating a wish list of possible improvements for your website. Whether you are currently redeveloping your website or looking at ways to improve for you future this article is for you.

"Pick of the Pack - Order fulfillment, pick and pack and drop shipping advice" - See your business options for order fulfillment including pick and pack and drop shipping. This article will help the business that have not yet fully examined their order fulfillment and who are looking to scale up their operations.

"Canning Spam Complaints - How to reduce spam e-mail complaints" - The E-Commerce dilemma of Spam - Practical tips for managing your e-mail subscriber list and reducing spam complaints.

"Finding Inspiration for New Website Ideas" - How to generate new ideas to improve your website. How to source those ideas, find inspiration and plan for the implementation of those ideas.

"The Currency Confusion Barrier - Currency conversion advice for e-commerce websites" - Discover how you can increase your international sales by using currency conversion software on your website. See how to overcome the your customers currency confusion, how to present your website prices in your customers in their own currency. The online currency conversion software options are explained including the zero-click e-commerce currency conversion service Dynamic Converter.

"Live Help Helps" - Learn how how live chat may enhance your customers shopping experience with your website.

"Search Engine Marketing - The top 4 ways to generate more traffic to your website" - Discover how search engine marketing can drive more people to your web site. The search engine marketing concepts of search engine optimization, pay per click advertising, paid inclusion and direct feeds are explained.

"Using Shopping Comparison Sites to boost your sales" - Discover one of the fastest growing internet marketing techniques. See how shopping comparison sites operate together with their benefits to consumers and retailers. Also see how you can measure the effectiveness of comparison shopping sites and other paid advertising with conversion tracker software like JAZreturns (retired due to Google Analytics) by measuring the return on your advertising investment.

"Content Management System Advice" - Discover how you can use content management system to self manage your website, improve its quality, reduce your overheads and encourage your staff's creativity.

"Engaging Customers Interest" - Here are a few simple ideas that smart retailers are using in their stores and showrooms to enhance their customer service and distinguish themselves from their competitors.

"Paying For Performance - Affiliate marketing advice" - Learn how you can structure your internet advertising so that you only pay for the advertising when you make money from that advertising.

"Measuring Your Internet Advertising Return on Investment" - Learn how sales and advertising tracking tools can provide accurate information on which advertising campaigns produced sales for you.
"Choosing Your ISP" - Choosing the best Internet Service Provider (ISP) for your needs can be a difficult and timely process. See what your options are including dial-up modems, satellite, ISDN, cable or ADSL.

"How to attract more people to your web site?" - The big question on everyone's lips. Discover an effective marketing plan and five marketing strategies will help achieve better results.

"Meeting Customers Needs" - See how you can better meet your customers communication needs. Understand the options you need to consider to ensure that you satisfy all of your customers’ needs and to take you a step further towards attracting new sales.

"E-Mail Newsletters" - Learn how e-newsletters can be used as a primary nurturing tool – for nurturing potential customers, repeat customers and alliance partners.

"Paying For Your Clicks" - See why smart businesses are using Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising including an explanation of what PPC is, when to use PPC, how it relates to search engines and how using measurement tools like JAZreturns PPC ad tracker can keep PPC cost effective for you.

"Combating Online Fraud" - Practical tips for reducing your business' exposure to online fraud.

"Would You Buy From Your Website? - Building trust and credibility in your website" - Discover how building trust and credibility through your web site will overcome half the battle when it comes to selling your products online.

"How You Can Achieve Better Search Engine Rankings" - Discover how you can cost effectively attract more potential customers to your business, and how search engine optimization it is one of the most important business issues that you will face.

"The importance of using sales tracking reports for web sites" - Discover the valuable business information that can be captured using sales conversion tracking software."

"Learning From The Experience Of Others" - See why you don't have to re-invent the wheel. This article will show that by learning from the experience of others you can discover how information offered by ‘people who have been there and done that’ can be invaluable for your businesses, no matter where you find yourself on that internet evolutionary path.